For ProModeler 1/48th F-84E/G Thunderjet

Retail price: $5.99

Black Magic is a product recently new to the market (late 1999) by Cutting Edge, and consists of a black flexible adhesive-backed vinyl-like material that is pre-cut for masking canopies and wheels. Cutting Edge has released a number of these sets, and this one is for the 1/48th ProModeler F-84G.


Precut masks are provided for the ProModeler Thunderjet canopy, windscreen, and wheels. The instruction sheet which accompanies the masks is fairly comprehensive about the best method to use -- and those not to use -- to apply the masking sheets to the kit parts in preparation for painting. I won't reitereate here as it would be redundant. Application is straight forward with only normal care required to be sure the masks are alligned correctly, and reasonable care not to stretch the flexible material. Unlike the incorrect Tamiya canopy, ProModeler has made their canopy with the correct bracing tapes, and this masking set, predictably, is in accord with the ProModeler's canopy.

On other pages, I discuss my preference of using decals for representing the canopy bracing tapes. Therefore, though these masks work, and they work well, I recommend the "decal" method as detailed on the Canopy Page of the Tamiya Kit Review.

Cutting Edge Black Magic pre-cut mask for ProModeler F-84G.

Cutting Edge Black Magic pre-cut mask for ProModeler F-84G.

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The Black Magic masking sets work great; on the other hand, so do other less expensive masking methods, but I still consider the "decal" method to be the best representation of the canopy bracing tapes. Also, several months ago, the masks for the Tamiya kit were available at $4.75, but these cost $5.99, which is too costly in my book.

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