F-84F Thunderstreak and RF-84F Thunderflash in Belgium

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Daco Products has released seven paint colors for the "NATO" camouflage and "Vietnam" camouflage schemes used on F-84F and RF-84F aircraft in Belgium. My thanks to Danny Coremans of Daco Products for supplying these paints for review on this site.


Daco Products has released a series of twelve decals sheets for F-84F and RF-84F aircraft used in Belgium for the "Bare Metal", "NATO", and "Vietnam" schemes. Six of the sheets are for 1/48th scale and the other six are the equivalents in 1/72nd scale. The Daco Products 1/48th scale decals are reviewed elsewhere on this site. Along with those decal sheets, Daco Products has released seven paint colors; three are for the "NATO" camouflage schemes, and four are for the "Vietnam" camouflage schemes. I have not yet used these enamel paints; I have purchased four of the 48th scale Heller kits, and at least one of those will eventually get modeled in one of these camo schemes. Until that time, I can't make any comment on how the paints perform, but I expect them to be high quality paints because, as stated on the labels, they are specially produced for Daco Products by XtraColor.

The instruction sheets with the Daco Products decals are provided in color with notes pertaining to the correct FS numbers for the paint schemes illustrated. These paints by Daco Products are specific to those FS numbers. Also, other military aircraft used in Belgium used these camo schemes, so, if you're modeling one of those other aircraft, you may want to consider using these paints.

Daco F/RF-84F camouflage paints

Daco Products' "NATO" and "Vietnam" camouflage scheme enamel paints for F-84F and RF-84F aircraft that served in Belgium. Left to right, top to bottom, they are: PA-18 NATO Cam. PRU Blue, PA-17 NATO Cam. Dark Grey, PA-16 NATO Cam. Dark Green, PA-19 Vietnam Dark Green, PA-22 Vietnam Light Grey, PA-21 Vietnam Tan, PA-20 Vietnam Light Green.

I have not rated these paints as I have not yet used them. However, because they are made by XtraColor, I have no reason to believe they won't be anything other than excellent.

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