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Fabien Santini, France, has intent to release a series of display bases for models. The first two reviewed here are both in 1/48th scale, and intended for aircraft, although they could be used for other model subjects appropriate to the display base.


The first two display bases from Santini are both 8x9 inches overall with a display surface of 7x8 inches. The 1/2" border all around simulates a shaped wood surface such as would be found on a wood plaque. One of the bases models a PSP surface, the other a concrete surface. The material used is Plaster of Paris, for the reason it is less prone to air pockets, and is not as prone to shrink or warp as it cures.

There are other PSP display bases available from other sources, and those are reviewed elsewhere on this site. My primary criticism of the other PSP bases is they appear to me to be too uneven. I am aware the PSP was not as even a surface as was concrete or asphalt, but my opinion from observing photos of PSP in Korea, is that the unevenness of PSP was not so much localized (as from one plank to the next) but rather was in "waves" some feet across. I feel the representation on the display base as Santini has made it more accurately represents the uneven surface of the "real" PSP.

The display base with a "concrete" surface well represents a somewhat aged concrete hardstand, with the required expansion joints plus a few chips and cracks here and there.

Both of these 7x8 display bases are minimal size for displaying anything larger than an M-109 or P-51, etc. An F-84 will fit, but the length and wingspan will exceed the size of the base, so a dust cover could not be fitted. Santini informed me he is considering making other sizes, scales, surfaces, and types of display bases. These two are a very good start.

The material the bases are made from, being Plaster of Paris, is off white in color. Therefore, the photos have been manipulated to enhance the contrast in order to show the surface details better.

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Santini 7x8 1/48th scale PSP display base.

Santini 7x8 1/48th scale concrete display base.

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These two display bases are very nicely done, the only problem with these first two being their 7x8 inch size that is minimal for displaying a 1/48th F-84. But, a Korean F-51 would fit the PSP, and many smaller 1/48th aircraft would fit the concrete base.

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