F-84 THUNDERJET in action
Aircraft Number 61
ISBN 0-89747-147-4

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For many years, when it came to press time and media space, the F-84 Thunderjet was overshadowed by the Thunderstreak and Thunderflash, but even more so, by the F-86. Copyrighted in 1983, this book was the first book dedicated to the F-84, but, notwithstanding its title, the book was not strictly dedicated to the Thunderjet.


F-84 Thunderjet in action book is 11 x 8, horizontal format, and is 50 pages (numbered as 50 because of two blank pages on the color illustration insert) plus color cover, and is authored by Larry Davis and David Menard, with illustrations, including the cover illustrations, by Don Greer. The front cover is an illustration of Thunderjets FS-454 and FS-807. The back cover is two illustrations; one is F-84F FS-500, the other of Norwegian RF-84F AZ-N. There are 87 B&W photos, 55 B&W illustrations, three plan illustrations, and 10 color illustrations with eight scrap illustrations. From the introduction through the final section covering Korea, the book concisely documents each variation of the F-84, from XP-84 to F-84F, including the swept wing prototypes, test vehicles such as the F-84H, FICON, RF versions, the XF-91, and foreign service. Based on my research of the F-84, most of the information in the book is correct, but there are a few errors or ommissions, primarily related to: (a) the fuselage extension, (b) incomplete canopy bracing documentation, (c) incomplete gear and gear well documentation, (d) incorrect detail for model variations on the profiles on page 6, and (e) incorrect details on the plan views of the F-84G on page 16. I have documented the correct details in this site in the pages on those subjects.

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My opinion is that none of the books or articles so far published on the F-84 is complete in itself. The Squadron Signal book, F-84 Thunderjet in action, is not as comprehensive as other, later, books on the subject. Because the book suffers from several errors or ommissions, I have not rated it higher. Although this book is not a must-have -- for Thunderjet only information, buy Detail & Scale's F-84 Thunderjet in detail book first -- it is an excellent companion book, and in any case, well worth the modest purchase price.

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