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This book is Copyrighted in 1975. The publisher's dust jacket gives a short bio of the author, Lloyd S. Jones. Part of that bio states, "After operating a hobby shop in Van Nuys for ten years, Mr. Jones compiled the book, "U. S. Bombers," which was published in 1962. The following year he became a research analyst for Revell, Inc., creator of plastic model kits. In 1972, Mr. Jones was asked to join Krasel Industries, producers of Microscale decals and model products. He is responsible for the development of the aircraft decal line and related subjects and continues to serve as a consultant to the plastic model industry. Mr. Jones is an active model builder an member of the International Plastic Modelers Society, where his prize-winning models are well known. He also authors a modeling column for the American Aviation Historical Society Newsletters."


Lloyd S. Jones, author; cover art by Jack Leynnwood. Generally, this book is comprised of concise descriptions of U. S. Fighters from the Curtiss P-1 Hawk to the Northrop YF-17/McDonnell Douglas F-18. Each description includes text, one or more photos, and, for most aircraft, a three-view general arrangement drawing. The eight pages of F-84 coverage includes short descriptions of each variant, eight B&W photos, and three-view drawings of the F-84G, F-84F, and XF-84H. The XF-91 is covered by four pages including four photos and a three-view drawing. Although the XF-91 radome and butterfly tail modifications are mentioned, none of the photos show these variants. The author mentions that the XF-84 established a world speed record of 611 mph on September 6, 1949. However, that record was a U.S. record as the British held the world record at 616 mph. Also, he generally implies that the first YF-96A/XF-84F was modified to make the second "XF-84F" a.k.a. (YF-84F) and subsequently again to make the YRF-84F, when in fact, they were three different aircraft. These inaccuracies are not unusual as most published records of the F-84 series have inaccuracies. In fact, that is the reason for the existence of this site; to identify and make available the correct information about this historically important aircraft series.

This book does not pretend to be comprehensive in its coverage of the various subject aircraft, and the drawings are general without great detail. Nevertheless, it is a good read for general history and comparison of fighter development in the U.S.

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I have enjoyed this book, not so much as a comprehensive description of any aircraft, but rather as a leisure time perusal of the development of fighter aircraft in the United States. Concise and well written. Out of print long ago, but if you can find one, get it.

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