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Gate Guards

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This book is Copyrighted in 1988. Admitted by the author not to be a comprehensive coverage of aircraft "gate guards," nevertheless, the book includes a good representation of subjects preserved in a variety of locations worldwide, and the photos are excellent.


Philip Chinnery, author; cover photo of F-102. 144 pages plus color cover, 152 color photos with captions. The author states in his Introduction that his favorite aircraft is the F-86 Sabre, and it shows in his choice of gate guard photos, as the selection includes a disproportionate number of Sabres. That is not to say it spoils this fine book, as the variety and location of subjects included and the quality of photos mutes any objections to the "bias" in favor of F-86 photos. Also, as there are ten photos of F-84 subjects included, and several other photos of P-47s and F-105s, Republic is well represented. Text is limited to the Introduction, and that focuses on the facts that the coverege does not pretend to be comprehensive and that gate guards come and go. Indeed, this is a 1988 book, and it is highly likely that a number of the subject aircraft are no longer at the same places. There are no bad photos in this book, and the printing quality does justice to the excellent photos. The F-84 photos provide a variety of subjects in color which may be a useful resource to modelers, and the same may be said of other non-F-84 subjects, particularly for the F-86 modeler.

Coverage of F-84 subjects include (as pages are not numbered in the book, the page numbers referenced are from my page count):
RF-84F, Belgian Air Force, FR-32, at Bierset Air Base -- Page 16
RF-84F, Luftwaffe, BD-119 AKG-51, at Osnabruck -- Page 39
F-84F, Italian Air Force, MM53-6845 Diavoli Rossi display team colors, at Rivolto -- Page 40
F-84F, Royal Netherlands Air Force, P-231 314 Sq., at Eindhoven -- Page 51
RF-84F, Royal Norwegian Air Force, 51-17053 AZ-G, at Gardermoen -- Page 58
F-84G, Royal Norwegian Air Force, 51-11209 MU-5, at Gardermoen -- Page 59
F-84F, USAF, 52-6782 Thunderbirds "6779", at Luke AFB -- Page 96
F-84F, USAF, 50-28837 Virginia ANG, at Richmond, Virginia -- Page 99
F-84F, USAF, 52-7021, Thunderbirds "7021", at Mansfield ANG Base, Ohio -- Page 101
XF-84H, USAF, 51-17059 FS-059, at Kern County Airport, Bakersfield, California -- Page 119
Keep in mind that these photos are from 1988 or earlier, and the aircraft may no longer be at these locations.

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I have enjoyed this book, not so much as a comprehensive description of any aircraft, but rather as a leisure time perusal of the excellent photos, not the least of which are the F-84 photos included therein. Is any book a "10"? I give it a "10" for the great photos.

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