Wings of Our Air Force

Published by Coward-McCann, Inc.

This book was published in 1952, and is a page-per-aircraft photo summary of the US Air Force aircraft currently in use at that time.


Maj. C.B. Colby, CAP, author. Cover is of the Martin B-61 Matador. The photos are the primary focus in this book, along with minimal text which is little more than photo captions. Republic gets four pages: F-84E Thunderjet, page 19; F-84F Thunderjet (sic), page 20; F-84G Thunderjet, page 21; and XF-91 Interceptor (sic), page 26, plus an F-84G, SN51-767, being refueled by a KB-29P, page 8. Remember that in 1952 (allowing for press lead-time), the "F-84F" was still the first prototype, SN 49-2430, and was still the "Thunderjet"; and that is the aircraft shown in this book. The F-84E shown is 49-2026, which was the fifth production E-model, and lacks both the canopy bracing and the fairings for the auxilliary wing tanks. Apparently, the XF-91 had yet to be named, as it is merely called "Interceptor." As a window in time on the F-84, it is interesting, and the photos are of good quality. Otherwise, the book is of the type grade-school children would find of interest.

64 pages, all photos B&W. Two pages are devoted to minimal powerplant specifications.

Wings of Our Air Force cover

Not Rated

Mostly of interest for its look at the window of time where the F-84 was just breaking into the swept wing era. And, as it is more at the interest level of late grade-school or early high-school, I have not rated the book. Thanks to Ted Theoe for loaning me the book for review.

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