Warbird Tech Series Volume 18
Republic F-105 Thunderchief

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This book is Copyrighted in 1998, and it, obviously, is coverage of the F-105. You may wonder why I have chosen to include the book as pertinent to the F-84. The answer is, the AP-63-FBX proposal, which is a direct derivative of the RF-84F. Although the F-105, as it developed, became a new aircraft with little or no relationship to the F-84 series other than that it was a Republic aircraft, in actual fact, what became the F-105 started with the "Advanced Project number 63 -- Fighter Bomber Experimental" funded by Republic.


Larry Davis and David Menard, authors; cover photo of a flight of four F-105, back cover with two photos, one of a Thunderbirds F-105 and the other of an F-105 with weapons capabilities array. 100 pages plus color cover, descriptive text, plus four color photos, 117 b&w photos, and 27 illustrations, with captions. As my interest was primarily in the coverage, albeit brief, of the AP-63-FBX, I bought the book for that two-pages of coverage and the two illustrations of the proposal, shown here.

Republic AP-63-FBX Proposal Drawings Republic AP-63-FBX Artists Impression
Republic AP-63-FBX Proposal Drawings
Republic AP-63-FBX Artists Impression

The book is well printed, the photos are good, and along with the illustrations, are interesting and appear to be pertinent. I'm not covering the F-105 in this site, but for those interested in Republic aircraft, in the F-105 as a follow-on to the F-84 series, or as a modeling reference, this appears to be a concise but good history and reference.

Warbird Tech 18 Republic F-105 book cover

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I bought this for the AP-63-FBX information, which is brief; I suspect there is more available. I rated the book according to what I presume is of interest to the F-105 buff.

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