F-84G Photos from the Collection of Ragner Eckhoff -- Page 2

These photos by Ragner Eckhoff are of the F-84G-26-RE SN 51-11209 currently displayed in restored condition at Flysamlingen, Gardermoen. It is painted as MU-5 (338 Squadron). The codes in operational service were FN-2 and FN-G, both 331 Squadron, and MU-5, 338 Squadron. The aircraft arrived at Sola from U.S. on June 29, 1954, and was assigned to 331 Squadron as FN-2 and later FN-G. On March 5, 1958, the aircraft was assigned to 338 Squadron as MU-5. It was written off service on July 6, 1960.Ragner Eckhoff
Click on photo to see large versons. All photos copyright Ragner Eckhoff; used by permission.

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Left side view

Nose gear

Looking aft at left wing

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