Walter Fischer in G-91 Ghina intake

The man in the air intake is me some years ago. From 1969 to 1971 I was a Unteroffizier and first maintenance man of the German Air Force in Oldenburg with Fiat G-91 called "Ghina". This picture was a joke. Each morning we had to climb into the air intake and look for birds or other damage to the engine. In 1970 I saw my first real F-84 F. It was a Dutch aircraft which landed on the airbase. Beside the "Ghina" it was a big bird. Walter Fischer.

Photos by Walter Fischer, used by permission.

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F-84G, Denmark KP-X, on display without a tail at Danish Veterans Aircraft Museum, Stauning, Denmark.

RF-84F, Luftwaffe EA-241, on display at Flugzeugmeseum in Hermeskeil near Trier, Germany.

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