F-84s in the USAF Test Pilot School 45th Anniversary Book

USAF pilots and F-84F

"Many Test Pilot School graduates have distinguished themselves in various facets of aviation both before and after attending the School Pictured here are some of the Air Force participants in the 1954 Bendix Trophy Cross Country Classic. On 4 Sep 54, ten pilots from five major air commands flew F-84F Thunderstreaks from Edwards AFB to Dayton, OH. Major Robert Stephens (49D, second from right) finished third, flying the course in 3 hours, 4 minutes and averaging 607 mph, only 2 minutes behind the leader. Capt Jesse Green (56C, far left) lost his hydraulic system during the rece, leaving him only trim control of his flight control system. However, he was able to maintain sufficient control to successfully "belly it in" at Lambert Field, St. Louis. His aircraft skidded more than two-thirds of the way down the 10,000 ft. runway. Major George Loving (49F, far right) brought up the rear with an average speed of 588 mph. Capt Richard Harer (49D, second from left), and Capt Maurice Benitez (center) were the alternate pilots." USAFTPS 45th Anniversary book, page 31.

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