F-84s in the USAF Test Pilot School 45th Anniversary Book

Class of 56AB with F-84F

Classes 56A and B traveled to Republic Aircraft's plant in Farmingdale, Long Island, New York in June 56 to see the F-84F and a mockup of the F-103. From left: Unidentified, Fairchild Rep., Maj. Richard C. Lathrop (Staff), LTC Herbert V. Leonhardt (Staff), Capt. Robb R. Satterfield (56B), Capt. Harold K. Wimberly (56A), Mr. Gage Mace, Jr. (FAA, 56A), Capt. Henry A. Streb, Jr. (56A), Mr. Harry L. Barnett (Convair), Capt. Stepehn E. Moore (56A), Capt. Weldon T. Armstrong, Jr. (56B), Capt. Russell E. Taliaferro (56B), Capt. Joe S. Schiele (56A), Capt. Edwin G. Chaplin (56A), Capt. Floyd B. Brown, Jr. (56A), Capt. Willum H. Spilllers, Jr. (Staff), Capt. John K. Campbell (56A), Lt. Wendell H. Shawler (56A), Capt. Alvin G. Moore (56A), Capt. Robert H. Sayre (56B), Capt. Eremea (56A), Capt. Gerald E. Lyvere (56B), Capt. Robert W. Smith (56A), Capt. Robert M. Taylor Canada, 56A), Capt. Smith Swords III (56A), Capt Billy P. White (56B), Capt. Thomas U. McElmurry (56B), Capt. William E. Haynes (56A), Fairchild Rep., Fairchild Rep. USAFTPS 45th Anniversary book, page 40, with data from pages 38 and 41.

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