Photos of F-84 aircraft by, or from the collection of, Steve Grivno, who worked at Naval Air Facility China Lake, California during the mid-sixties. These photos were taken at China Lake. Used by permission.

Right side of 47-1505

Right side of the nose section of F-84C-6RE that was accepted on 8-12-48. It was at the fire dump waiting for its use as a fire fighter training aid. I managed to get seven pictures of it. These are the only pictures of it I can find. It for the, most part, seems to have eluded every photographer in the world except me. It was last stationed with the 136th Fighter Wing of the Texas ANG in the middle fifties. It was the same outfit that Wally Schirra was with as an exchange officer with from the UN when he shot down a MIG-15. Steve Grivno

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