F-84C Thunderjet

F-84C-?-RE -- FS-595 -- SN 47-1595 -- Photo No. 7
Photo: Bruce Craig

F-84C photo 7

Left side of aft fuselage of F-84C at March Field Museum, Riverside, California. This is the seventh photo in a sequence I took to compare panel and length differences between the D- and earlier and E/G- models of the Thunderjet. The shape of the rudder and the tailpipe intersection with the rudder are apparent; note that the tailpipe extends about two inches beyond the trailing edge of the rudder. Also, the tailight and fairing are missing above the top of the rudder. The pitot tube located on the leading edge of the fin identifies this Thunderjet as being pre D-model. The "hair" on top of the fin and along the pitot tube are wires placed to discourage the feathered friends of the museum from perching on the aircraft. Bruce Craig.

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