F-84D Thunderjet

F-84D-1-RE -- FS-679 -- SN 48-679
Photo: Republic Archives in Cradle of Aviation Museum via E. J. Boss

f84d-1-re-fs-679-eb580.jpg (30035 bytes)

The D-model moved the pitot to the middle of the leading edge of the air splitter in the nose intake. The main landing gear fairings became two-piece, overlapping, with an upward extension on the aft half of the wheel cover. All struts were now shrunk mechanically -- note the thin shrink strut forward of the nose gear strut -- but were retracted and extended hydraulically. This arrangement continued in use through the G-model. The tip tanks were still without fins, but they were added later. Photo taken at Hamilton Field, California, April 1949 by C. Johnson. E. J. Boss.

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