F-84E Thunderjet

F-84E-?-RE -- FS-023 -- SN 49-2023
Photo: Republic Archives in Cradle of Aviation Museum via E. J. Boss


Notice the changes on the E-model: the nose wheel was much narrower, size 20 x 4.4, the pitot tube was moved lower on the intake splitter, the tail ejector became round, with the tail light removed from the upper fin and relocated between the rudder and ejector. I believe it became the two-light system white and yellow, which continued on the G-model. This early production aircraft appears to still have 185 gallon tip tanks, but later blocks went to the 230 gallon size. It also has no canopy reinforcement tapes, but later ones had a single strap laterally just behind the pilot. You can also see the small rectangular fairing on the top of the nosewheel shrink strut which filled the clearance cutout in the stainless steel nose ring made necessary by the addition of that mechanical operation. That arrangment had begun with the D-model, and carried through the G-model. The tip tanks had no fairings to fill that gap at this time, but they were added to some E-models later, and were standard on the G-model. It's not too clear, but this one has the Electrol main landing gear used by many E-models; the Bendix variety main landing gear was interchangeable in pair with the Electrol variety. E. J. Boss.

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