F-84 Photos by Guido Van Roy

Photo Copyright 2000 Guido Van Roy; used by permission.

F-84F, Belgian BA-07

The snow-covered F-84F is a former "Thundermirage" decoy saved by the Tiger Forces Museum near Kleine Brogel airbase. "Saved" is a relative word of course ... the museum is a private initiative and has a small hangar stuffed with helmets, uniforms and all sorts of aviation memorabilia. Their two aircraft, the F-84F and a Starfighter, are parked aside the building and it does not seem they are going to get a roof over their heads in the near future. Corrosion inevitably threatens the aircraft, especially so since both were acquired after having spent already several years outside in the harsh (i.e. rainy) Belgian climate. Guido Van Roy.

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