F-84G Thunderjet

F-84G-15-RE -- FS-185-B -- SN 51-11185
Photo: Republic Archives in Cradle of Aviation Museum via E. J. Boss

f84g-15-re-fs-185b-eb580.jpg (111098 bytes)

This picture is of one of our museum volunteers, Pete Guttieri, who was flying F-84Gs about 40 years ago! The plane is an F-84G-15-RE, so you can see the auxiliary air intake, and barely showing between his legs is the speed brake with the many round perforations. The canopy reinforcement tapes show up pretty well, and appears to be 1" and 2" wide strips, all on the outside. The unpainted sheet metal skin is of varying shades, and there are plenty of instructional markings in black, red, and yellow over the whole plane. E. J. Boss.

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