F-84 Photos from Joe Vincent

Photo of F-84 aircraft by, or from the collection of, Joe Vincent. Caption by Joe Vincent. Used by permission.

Col. Dave Schilling taxies a 307th FES F-84G

Col. Dave Schilling (31st FEW commander) taxies a 307th FES F-84G with special navigation/communication antenna on the nose during Fox Peter One. Markings were red. The caption on FS-058A just says "Col. in a 307th FES F-84G." But, it was Col. Dave Schilling, the wing commander for the operation. He was the famous WWII ace from the 56th Fighter Group. He was killed in a car wreck (I believe he was actually racing a car) back in the fifties. Smokey Hill AFB, Kansas, was renamed for him. It was closed back in the sixties.Collection of David Menard via Joe Vincent.

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