F-84G Thunderjet

This page compares the instrument panels in the F-84G 48th scale Tamiya kit, the Cutting Edge resin detail set, and the Aires mixed media detail set. In the photo, left to right are Tamiya kit panel, Cutting Edge resin panel, and Aires resin, photo etched, and film panel. This photo was done before the ProModeler kit and the Verlinden detail set were released, but both of their panels have nearly the same layout as the Tamiya kit part.

Compare three instrument panel parts front

The Tamiya kit instrument panel is one part and is reasonably good out of the box. However, it has an extra instrument in the upper left of the main panel so it is for the E-model, not the G-model, and the switches on both sides of the main panel are missing. The gunsight control panel is the early A-4, which, according to Republic's manual, was used on G-models before block 20. The Cutting Edge instrument panel is in separate parts, all of which are very well detailed and accurate when compared to Republic's drawings. All instuments and switches on the main panel match the Republic drawings for all G-models. There are four gunsight control panels furnished with their set, and the early A-4 is correct for G-models before block 20, and the late A-4 is correct for block 20 and later. Note that this is according to Republic drawings, and it is appropriate to follow this unless you are modeling a specific aircraft and your photo references for that plane show differently. The Aires instrument panel is three parts, made by combinging the resin and photo etched parts with the film sandwiched between them. The Aires main instrument panel has the extra instrument in the upper left like the E-model, and, like the Tamiya part, is also missing the switches on both sides of the instruments. The photo etched part and the film are excellent, respectively being very realistic representations of the bezels and instrument faces.

Compare three instrument panel parts back

The back-side (toward the front of the plane) of the Tamiya and the Aires instrument panel parts are "generic" in that the simulation of the instrument housings do not match the location of the instruments on the front. Also, neither has any of the other detail present on the panel back. In contrast, the Cutting Edge panel back has the correct number and location of the instrument housings plus other detail.


After comparing the instrument panels, the Cutting Edge parts are clearly better than the kit or Aires parts, but I do like the look of the film and photo etched parts provided with the Aires set. The Cutting Edge panel is like the G-model illustrations, while the others have the extra instrument at the upper left like the E-model illustrations.

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