TAMIYA 1/48th F-84G KIT #61060
F-84 Short and Long Canopy Comparison
Models by Bruce Craig

Photos by Bruce Craig
F-84D FS-428 Model Canopy

F-84E FS-135 Model Canopy

Top photo is the shortened canopy on the F-84D model. Bottom photo is the canopy as furnished with the kit (with the extranious brace removed) on the F-84E model. Note that the back part of canopies are in the same position relative to the fuselage line above the "NO STEP" data. Then, note the relative positions of the front of the canopies and the second canopy braces. At eight scale inches, the difference is very slight, but is noticable, especially between the second and third canopy braces. Also see the Canopy Comparison page.

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