LINDBERG 1/48th XF-91 KIT #513
Combined with Monogram F-84F
Model by Bruce Craig

Photos by Bruce Craig

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Right Front View of Lindberg XF-91 by Bruce Craig

All raised panel lines and rivets were removed and panel lines were rescribed. Finish is SnJ with some panels in Testors Buffing Metalizer.

Front View of Lindberg XF-91 by Bruce Craig

The cockpit and spine from a Monogram F-84F were spliced into the fuselage of the Lindberg kit. There were many variations of the two XF-91 aircraft as several nose, tail, rocket installation, and external fuel tanks were experimented with. This build is modeled after the photos taken upon first rollout of the first XF-91.

Bottom View of Lindberg XF-91 by Bruce Craig

There is no internal detail of any kind on the Lindberg XF-91. Gear well doors were cut out, and gear well details and nose splitter were added from the Monogram kit. The speed brake is made from the two Monogram parts which were cut in half and glued to make a single speed brake for the XF-91. The Lindberg main gear wheels are not accurate; wheels were kit-bashed from the parts box, a mold was made, and the four wheels were resin cast.

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