Photos of F-84 aircraft by, or from the collection of, Gregory S. Spahr, used by permission.

Webmaster's note: The original photo is very high contrast; I have reduced the contrast in order to try to show more of the detail in these aircraft.

The two RF-84F prototypes in flight

The two RF-84F prototypes in flight. Serial number 51-1345 was the third of the first "F-84F" prototypes and was designated as YF-84F; it served as the "first" prototype for the RF-84F series. Unlike the production aircraft, it has a pointed nose, Thunderjet style bubble canopy, and the lateral intakes differ from that used on producion model RF-84Fs. Serial number 51-1828 was the second prototype for the RF-84F series, and althought it retains the bubble canopy, it has nose and intakes much more similar to the production aircraft. USAF photo via Gregory S. Spahr.

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