DB Falcon 10 Fuselage in Lockheed SR-71
Model by Bruce Craig

Photos by Bruce Craig

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Lockheed L-1271 left front view

Our club has a yearly contest in November with "Flights of Fancy" as a theme. This 1/48th scale model was built for and placed first in that contest in 1993, and subsequently received the club's Model of the Year award.

Lockheed L-1271 under construction, left front view

Lockheed L-1271 under construction, top view

Lockheed L-1271 under construction, bottom view

The white part is a Hasegawa Dassault-Breguet Falcon 10 fuselage which has been patched into a Testors Lockheed SR-71 to make a "triple-sonic" biz jet. The entire Falcon 10 interior and cockpit was used "from the box", and fit perfectly into the SR-71, with the front of the windscreen right at the point where the front of the SR-71 windscreen was, and the back was right at the seam line at the joint where the wing and chine meet. The interior floor sits right on top of the nose gear well. The joint between the two fuselages was faired with Squadron Green Putty; the gapposis left in front of the new windscreen (which sat higher than the old windscreen) and the SR-71 nose was filled with balsa and sprue, then finished with SGP. The left chine of the SR-71 was cut out for the Falcon 10 door, and steps were made from sheet stock. The steps? Of course; they fold up to form the chine.

Lockheed L-1271 right front view

Paint was SnJ gold "undercoat" overall, then Testors enamel white made from equal parts Insignia White and Classic White. The greens were custom mixed from Testors enamels to match the Evergreen Airlines decals from ATP Airliners. Paint was finish sanded with 6000, 8000, and 12000 grit emery cloth, then rubbed out with silverware polish.

Lockheed L-1271 left rear view

All joints in both kit's parts were filled and all panel lines sanded off so they would not distract from the basic lines of the airplane. The corrugated expansion panels are finished with Testors Buffing Metalizer.

Lockheed L-1271 right rear view

The idea for the model came from my usual derailed train of thought: The original Blackbird (A-12) was built at the instigation of the CIA; it is an "open" secret that Evergreen was the progeny of Air America (the CIA airline -- you did see the movie, right?); considering Evergreen's global activities over the years, they could use a "triple-sonic" biz jet; and considering the connections, who else but Evergreen would be eligible to convert an SR-71 to a corporate jet! Ta-Da!

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