LOCKHEED SR-71 No. 17959
From the box Testors SR-71 in speed record scheme
Model by Bruce Craig

Photos by Bruce Craig

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Testors SR-71 by Bruce Craig

Testors SR-71 built straight from the box. Paint base is Testors flat black enamel mixed 1:1 with Testors Blue Angels Blue, then weathered with satin black at the bulkheads to represent the color shifts caused by the heat differentials. For what it's worth, a Blackbird crewman who saw the model said it was the most accurate representation of the Blackbird colors he had seen on a model. So, what's it worth? It made me feel good! This photo shows the model on my workbench with the "L-1271 Tri-sonic Star" and does not show the white cross on the underside which was applied as an aid for optical tracking during the speed record flights.

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