From the box YF-12 in FedEx colors
Model by Bruce Craig

Photos by Bruce Craig

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Lockheed YF-12 in Federal Express colors

Lockheed never expected their YF-12 triple-sonic fighter to be rescued by Federal Express for use as a triple-sonic "If it has to be there in an hour" package delivery aircraft. Don't think so? Believe it, and this photo is the proof. This 1/48th model is a Testors YF-12 built from the box. Paint is Testors Insigina White, and the custom mix FedEx colors and decals came from ATP Airliners. The cargo loader is a modified bomb loader from an ESCI kit, and of course, it is in FedEx colors. This photo is the victim of "doubleexposureitis" which I caught once; I hope I'm over it. Some day, I'll do some better photos.

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